Chapter 4

Opportunities for youth engagement in adaptation efforts


Community-based climate action

How can enabling actors to support youth’s work in local communities, fostering change on a local and grassroots level; provide young actors with the resources they need to initiate, sustain, and boost community adaptation efforts; and encourage bold, ambitious, and innovative adaptation action by youth actors in all sectors of the society.

Climate empowerment and capacity building opportunities

How can enabling actors and other actors of the society support youth-driven climate capacity building and ACE initiatives, partner with young actors in raising awareness on climate change, build community resilience, prepare for climate impacts, and implement adaptation measures. In addition, how can governments incorporate their pledges on the action for climate empowerment under the Paris Agreement within domestic legislation to further support their domestic youth population to partake in the global climate movement.

Youth entrepreneurship and financing

Recognising the importance of technology and societal innovation, youth entrepreneurship that has a climate adaptation focus should be brought onto the radar of governments, financial institutions, businesses, and civil society partners. How can these state actors and non-state actors support youth green entrepreneurship initiatives, foster change in the industry, encourage market action, and drive technological innovations. Lastly, how can the implementation enablers (governments, IGOs and businesses) further support youth entrepreneurs and youth adaptation action leaders with innovative financing options and grant-equivalent loans.

Raising ambition

The Call to Action will call on governments, businesses, and the civil society to raise their respective ambitions towards climate adaptation and climate action in general. This will be demonstrated through the grant-equivalent financing of adaptation projects (especially youth-driven, youth-focused projects) around the world and the strengthened support for global climate adaptation efforts.

The Katowice Decisions

Lastly, the paper will link to the newly adopted Katowice Decisions (Paris Agreement Work Programme) to highlight ways forward under the Paris Agreement, and call for the full implementation of the Agreement and the full compliance of the Katowice Decisions.