Chapter 2

Role of youth in adaptation


Policy realm: Enabling the implementation

Providing existing examples and case studies from the six continents on youth influencing and providing policy options on climate adaptation. Highlighting the provision of technical capacity and policy capacity for the enablers of change, the mainstreaming of climate adaptation policies, and the innovation on policy solutions.

Action realm: Implementing Actions

“Much adaptation will happen as a matter of course as households, communities and businesses around the world respond to changing circumstances” (GCA Report Outline, p. 16). This section seeks to demonstrate the notion that youth are partners of action by highlighting existing youth-led community-based, civil society, private sector, and research climate action initiatives around the world on climate adaptation. The possible areas which there exists youth involvement include: agriculture, health, entrepreneurship, technology, community infrastructure, natural disaster preparedness and response, natural assets conservation and protection, and grass-root adaptation efforts.

Capacity-building and ACE

Youth are working at the forefront of climate change community capacity-building and driving the actions for climate empowerment around the world. This section seeks to demonstrate youth efforts in educating the public about the impacts of climate change and the need for climate adaptation, as well as raising awareness on climate change in general.