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This is an application form to apply to be a Peer-reviewer for Adapt for Our Future (AfOF) research paper being developed by YOUNGO.

Please complete your application before 16.00 UTC on 7 March 2019. Your application will be reviewed by selection committee formed within the YOUNGO BLT and  AfOF Team in accordance with the YOUNGO Selection Guidelines and the guidance document from YOUNGO toward this process. Successful applicant will be notified before 11 March 2019.

A total of 5 individuals will be chosen as peer-reviewers. Each peer-reviewer will receive a total of 200 USD as honorarium towards their efforts upon the completion of the review.

What is Adapt for Our Future paper?
The youth adaptation review – Adapt For Our Future – is a project being conducted under auspices of YOUNGO, the children and youth constituency to United Nations Climate Change processes. It intends to deliver a research paper which would serve as a background input to the Flagship Report on Adaptation to be delivered by the Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA) on the sideline of the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in September 2019, in New York City. Read more on the homepage at:

What are the roles and responsibilities of peer-reviewers?

  • The peer-reviewers would need to review the Paper developed - the final draft of the Paper would be made available by 20 March 2019, which is when the reviewing task would ideally commence;

  • The review would need to finish before 20th April 2019, and reviewers shall provide their comments and feedback in format provided by GCA;

  • Upon the reception of inputs from the peer-reviewers, the writing team (called as the “Synthesis and Development Team”) shall incorporate the comments received in the Paper.

Selection criteria for choosing peer-reviewers?

  • Applicants must demonstrate prior research experience in field of climate change - especially climate change adaptation;

  • Such an experience can include experience in academia, experience gained through the jobs they have worked in, or related avenues;

  • Providing links of previously published (or other unpublished) work - such as on publishing websites, journals, other mediums; and further indicators (if available) such as Google Scholars index. The selection team is cognizant of regional and national circumstances, and would be mindful of same during the selections;

  • Gender and regional balance will be ensured in selection, enhancing participation of global south and female reviewers.

Budget Information:

  • A total of 5 peer reviewers will be chosen from the applicant pool;

  • Each peer-reviewer shall receive a total of 200 USD as honorarium toward their services.  

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Work and Experience
Please use this section to describe your experience in field of climate change and adaptation and why you may be considered for this role. This could include: research work you have conducted as a part of your studies in university, or as a part of your job; or papers / articles / submissions you may have written on this topic and insight you gained as a part of those; work that relates to climate change adaptation - or a combination of these.
And please add any additional information you deem necessary to accompany this application. Please stay under the word limit
Terms and Conditions
I certify that the information I am submitting through this application form is correct and accurate to the best of my current knowledge and understanding. In case I am chosen as a peer-reviewer, I agree to abide by the requirements put forth both by the Global Commission on Adaptation, and by the youth-led organisations and entities which would be involved in administering this project.