The Central Coordination Team (CCT) is a voluntary administration team.


The Central Coordination Team (CCT) is comprised of youth, working voluntarily on the project. Among other things, CCT is mandated by YOUNGO to be broadly responsible for:

  • Communicating to GCA on YOUNGO’s position on the project,

  • Working together with GCA on identifying the scope of the project, the intended deliverable, and developing a “roadmap”,

  • Oversight on budgetary matters

  • Providing facilitation support for the entire project (development of Youth Report), including selection process, tracking progress, ensuring compliance with the scope, timely delivery and ensuring logistical arrangements from NGOs side to be able to provide funds and allocate them to the respective implementation entities,

  • Communicating regularly with YOUNGO and YOUNGO Adaptation Working Group and YOUNGO BLT on elements (a) to (e) above and seek inputs as needed,

  • Taking decisions on matters related to project implementation; CCT will therefore have a decision-making mandate and may consult the BLT and YOUNGO as desirable,

Full mandate of CCT can be accessed in the link here.