On-Ground Stakeholder Consultation Implementation Entity

Category B: IE-OSC

Please complete your application before 23.59 UTC on 1 February 2019. Your application will be reviewed by selection committee formed within the YOUNGO BLT and CCT in accordance with the YOUNGO Selection Guidelines and the guidance document from YOUNGO toward this process. Successful applicant will be notified before 5 February 2019.

Please note: you can only submit your application to ONE of the implementation entity categories.

One group only needs to submit ONE application. Individuals who wishes to apply should form a group with a minimum of three people depending on their respective skill-sets. Applications with only one name attached will not be accepted.

Please ensure that you have read and understood all of the eligibility and commitments before proceeding to the application.

Eleven Category B implementation entities will be selected. The regional distribution would be:

  • Two IE’s in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) (excluding Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Region)

  • One IE in MENA region

  • One IE in Central and East Asia (CEA) and Greater Arabia

  • One IE South and Southeast Asia

  • Two IE’s in Oceanic Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

  • One IE in North America

  • One IE in Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) Region (excluding SIDS)

  • Two IE’s in Europe

Please refer to this document to identify your country’s regional designation if your country is a Global South country.

Each Category B implementation entity will receive US$1,100 for organisational costs for one on-ground consultation(s) in their country/region.

We do not differentiate based on size of NGOs or among youth. Each application will be considered on its merits.
Please provide your organisation's legal name. If you are applying as a group of individuals, please enter your group members' last names.
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Primary Contact Point for this Application
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As you are applying under Category B, your team/group must have a minimum of three members. We ask for age, gender identity and nationalities in order to ensure the implementation entities’ members are within the age limit (under 35 years of age), and to ensure representation and diversity within the project team. Please see Principles and Ethics section for more information at
Please select the region where your organisation / group is located: *
Please choose the region that your organisation is planning to conduct an consultation per YOUNGO’s regional designation chart.
We want to ensure that consultations in a region is being conducted at a location that is easily accessible to the largest youth population in the region. Please consider the location of your proposed consultation carefully.
Have you organised any of the following type of events. *
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Word limit: 400 words Please outline any past activities that your organisation undertook or your group members were involved in, that relates to event management. Please be sure to outline which activities (including social media outreach, facilitation, preparation, budget management) did your team undertake to organise the event. This could include events for youth, included but not limited to, trainings, presentations, workshops, etc.
Word limit: 400 words Please describe the activities you or your group members are involved in – at the local, sub-national, or national or international level – that address climate adaptation, promote sustainability, raise awareness. Please include some examples of any projects your organisation or your group members were involved in.
Word limit: 300 words Please elaborate if and how your organisation or your group members have engaged with the official youth constituency (“YOUNGO”) or any of its working groups (policy/advocacy, media, actions, etc) and what topics in negotiations are your team’s focus.
Word limit: 400 words This project operates under a strict timeline. Referring to the responsibilities and the commitments outlined in the previous page, as well as the report outline described in the ‘The Report’ section of the website, please elaborate on what accountability measures your team is going to undertake in order to complete the local consultations by 28 February 2019.
Feel free to share links (for example websites or google drive links) relating to your work. Please limit the number of links to 3. And please add any additional information you deem necessary to accompany this application.
Terms and Conditions *
I certify that the information I am submitting through this application form is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge and understanding. In case my team has been chosen as one of the implementation entities under Category B, we agree to abide by the requirements put forth both by the Global Commission on Adaptation, and by the youth-led organisations which are administering this project.