About the Project

The Adapt For Our Future project is being conducted under the auspices of YOUNGO, the children and youth constituency to United Nations Climate Change processes. The project will conduct youth consultations around the world, and engage stakeholders working on youth and adaptation issues. The main objective of the project is to deliver a Background Paper on Youth and Climate Change Adaptation, which will inform the Flagship Report of the Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA). The Commission’s Flagship Report will be launched at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in September 2019, in New York City.


For a better future.

YOUNGO is a collection of children and youth NGOs and individuals who identify themselves as youth that represents the world’s children and youth population at United Nations Climate Change processes.


Stakeholder Engagement

Throughout the course of implementation, inputs from broad groups of youth will be ensured. This would be done under activities clubbed together to form the “Stakeholder Consultation” implemented in three tracks as below:

On-ground Consultations: In a period of two and a half months, around 10 on ground consultations would happen. These consultations would be lead by youth and youth-led entities (IE-OSCs explained in the preceding section) and would take place in following target regions / countries:

  • Two consultations in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) (excluding Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Region)

  • One consultation in MENA region

  • Two consultation in Central and East Asia (CEA) and Southeast Asia

  • Two consultations in Oceanic Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

  • One consultations in North America

  • One consultation in Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) Region (excluding SIDS)

  • One consultations in Europe

Virtual consultation with youth: Again, in a period of two and a half months, around 5 virtual consultations will take place. These consultation can take the form of online calls, inputs on working documents, inputs via dedicated form on the project website and would especially aim to reach out to groups and regions which might not be covered in the On-ground consultation segment.

Partnerships and engagement of further Stakeholders: CCT would work to ensure that partners, including but not limited to, UN agencies (UNFCCC, UN DESA, UN Environment, Office of UN Youth Envoy), Member States (countries, and their respective climate change/environmental divisions), other sectors of civil society, and business sector are consulted and their support sought. Support can entail knowledge-based partnerships, information-sharing and building institutional linkages.  


Principles and Ethics

All processes and projects within YOUNGO, including and especially “Adapt For Our Future” must aim for age, gender, and regional balance among the involved participants with a priority to enhance Global South and female participation. We welcome and value the contributions that individuals who identify as members of marginalized communities bring to the climate movement, and encourage Indigenous people, people of colour, women, people identifying as LGBTQI, members of ethnic minorities, immigrants and people with disabilities to be involved and represented in the process. We recognize that this list is neither exhaustive nor representative of the intersectionality present within each individual.

Wherever applicable, the YOUNGO Selection Guidelines must be applied to ensure fair selection processes; The implementation should also focus on making the engagement of children and youth meaningful and effective, in-line with the Principles and Barriers of Meaningful Youth Engagement.

The motivation would further be guided by the principles of inclusion and stakeholder engagement enshrined in Agenda 21, while respecting the values described in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

The efforts under this project would further complement those under the implementation of UN Youth Strategy, and Strategy on Youth Engagement in lead up to SG Summit being co-chaired by YOUNGO.