Climate adaptation through the lens of global youths.

A report by YOUNGO, the children and youth constituency to UN Climate Change.


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Implementation entities support the project by authoring the report, conducting local consultation sessions, providing support for administrative matters, and reviewing the finished product.

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A report commissioned by the Global Commission on Adaptation.

YOUNGO is honoured to contribute to the Flagship Report of the Global Commission on Adaptation by contributing a Background Paper on Youth and Climate Change Adaptation. In this paper, our implementation entities will highlight youth-led projects around the world that further climate adaptation and provide recommendations through a youth perspective to advance climate action globally.


Contextualise climate change and its impacts on youth

As anthropogenic climate change worsens, its impacts are affecting almost all sectors around the world. The first chapter of the report will combine the latest findings of the IPCC report to address intergenerational equity in climate action.

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Positioning the role of youth in climate change adaptation

Youth participation in adaptation is essential for advancing global climate action under the Framework Convention on Climate Change. This chapter highlights global youths’ efforts in providing policy solutions and implementing actions around the world.

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Addressing the barriers faced by youth in adaptation actions

There continues to exist both institutional and capacity challenges for youth to meaningfully engage and participate in climate adaptation actions. The third chapter of the report draws attention to some of the barriers faced by young actors in the adaptation realm and seek to provide solutions to these challenges.

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Visioning the future of global adaptation actions led by youth

We envision a future full of opportunities for community-based climate action and actions for climate empowerment (ACE). The last chapter of the report outlines some of the ways that stakeholders may further engage young people around the world in advancing climate actions and addressing climate impacts through adaptation.

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YOUNGO and Climate Action

As the official children and youth constituency to UN Climate Change processes, YOUNGO represents the world’s young people at international climate negotiations; engages stakeholders to advocate for progressive policy solutions; and advances global climate action through capacity-building initiatives and climate empowerment activities.